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Time for action – Changing the gender situation in forestry

Year of publication 2006
Report of the UNECE/FAOI Team of Specialists on Gender and Forestry. The Team of Specialists on ‘Gender and Forestry’ was established in April 2004 by a decision of the former FAO/ECE/ILO Joint Committee on Forest Technology, Management and Training. The objective was to raise visibility of women and women’s involvement in the forestry sector and to understand the gender structures throughout the sector. The Team’s mandate was developed from discussions and recommendations at the FAO/ECE/ILO seminar in Viseu, Portugal in 2001, and has been regarded as part of a strategic framework for the work carried out by the Team during the two years period. The Team focused on reviewing relevant and available data, which is compiled and presented in this Final Report. Scope The team agreed that the overall review needed to encompass the whole forestry supply chain, including the forest and timber industries and arboriculture, as well as all sectors (i.e. the private and public sector, NGOs, cooperatives, universities, etc.). The study therefore has focused on direct employment relationships because more data was available in this area; however, indirectly, the intent was also to glean information about contract labour forces whenever possible.
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