Gestion Durable des Forêts (GDF) Boîte à outils


This module provides an overview of agroforestry systems; it also describes how to identify the most appropriate agroforestry system and to design, adapt, establish and manage it. A section on the “enabling environment” is targeted primarily at policymakers, including national and local authorities. 

This module was developed with the kind collaboration of the following people and/or institutions:

Initiator(s): Simone Borelli, Yujuan Chen - FAO, Forestry Department

Contributor(s): Susan Braatz - FAO, Forestry Department

Reviewer(s): Guillermo Detlefsen - CATIE; Hans Vellema - Tropenbos International; Florencia Montagnini - Yale University

This module was revised in 2018 to strengthen gender considerations.

Initiator(s): Gender Team in Forestry

Reviewer(s): Simone Borelli - FAO, Forestry Department