Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toolbox

Join the SFM Toolbox challenge to celebrate the IDF 2019 on Forest and Education!


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Learn to Love Forests!

On the occasion of International Day of Forests (IDF) and in accordance with the 2019 theme of “Forests and Education”, the FAO Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toolbox team has released a special quiz to help you and your community celebrate Forests and their importance. As a knowledge platform, the SFM Toolbox is continuously being refined and contributed to by forest experts, and with various partners, to ensure the most up to date information is available and accessible. 

The quiz highlights the basic principles of SFM, and the contributions of forests to biodiversity conservation, climate change, and forest and landscape restoration. Check out the quiz and the newest SFM modules with the multitude of tools that could help you better manage your forest resource in your backyard. And help us celebrate by sharing your IDF activities widely on social media!

Learning Objectives

- To build a basic understanding of SFM knowledge and related topics, such as conservation of biological diversity, forest and landscape restoration, climate change.

- To encourage participants to reflect on their relationship to forests and their landscapes, and to become actors and users of the SFM toolbox.

- To promote the SFM Toolbox and its various components through the International Day of Forests celebration, and to build on community and partnerships built during the 2018 SFM regional consultation workshops. 

Quiz rules

Quizzes are here to help you learn more about sustainable forest management and to help you celebrate the International Day of Forests with your wider community:

- You may make as many attempts as you wish to answer each question

- You can skip questions and come back later if you wish