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Watershed management field manual - Watershed survey and planning

Author Sheng, T.C.
Year of publication 1990
This document is a guide for watershed managers and planners, providing basic knowledge and practical approaches for the survey and planning of small upland watersheds with combinations of forest, cultivated and grazing lands and populated mostly by small farmers. The manual consists of three pans. The first part gives an overall Introduction and explains what preparatory work is needed. The second parts covers survey approaches and techniques together with specific examples. The third part describes planning and plan formulation. The objective of this Manual is to assist professionals concerned with the planning and implementation of watershed management activities by providing practical information supported by examples from a wide variety of situations. However, the watershed situation in each country is unique and h is impossible to provide step by step solutions which will apply In any specific area. The user of the Manual is therefore, Invited to add the local experience and information deemed necessary.
Type of Tool
Guidelines, manual, kits for trainers
Scale of Application
Forest Management Unit
Forest Type
All forest types (natural and planted)
Primary Designated Function
Protection of soil and water
Management Responsibility