Governance of Tenure

Country examples

Empowering communities worldwide to record tenure rights

Open Tenure use examples


NGO and anglers communities trained to adapt and use Open Tenure for securing their traditional rights over the river: 127 fishing farms were mapped in Volta river estuary.

Sierra Leone

NGO and local communities trained to adapt Open Tenure for the recognition of their customary rights: 11,750 hectares customary tenure rights demarcated, validated and approved by the Ministry of Land, Housing and Environment.


NGO, local communities and Academia trained for the recognition of communal land and own internal land management by community: 554 hectares mapped in 2016 and activities still ongoing.


4 706 parcels were mapped and 3 183 CCOS were validated by Ministry of Lands Housing and Urban Development.


SOLA use examples


The Land Administration Agency Authority (LAA) implemented a Lease Management System in 2014 being a customised version of SOLA Registry. This system supported LAA cadastral and registration processes (including cadastral mapping) as well as lease management processes from lease preparation through to the generation of annual rental notices to leaseholders (through a link with the LAA financial management system). Through Customization of SOLA Registry, the Land Administration Authority has implemented a Lease Management System supporting all  cadastral and registration processes as well as lease preparation and management.


The Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment (MNRE) implemented SOLA Registry in 2012 to upgrade and integrate the land registration and cadastral mapping systems that included a new land title registration system and new geocentric geodetic datum and associated map projection. Since 2012, the MNRE SOLA system has been upgraded so as to support a new system of condominium registration and, in 2020, MNRE implemented SOLA Community Server (and the use of Open Tenure mobile application) to assist with the recording and mapping sites of environmental significance, protected conservation areas and sustainable land use activities of interest to MNRE and civil society.


SOLA Systematic Registration was used in the Presidential Technical Committee on Land reform systematic registration pilot programmess and subsequent scale-up in a number of States (Ondo, Kano, Katsina, Jigawa, Kogi,Awka). Satellite imagery was added to SOLA for boundary definition. In Awka State the Systematic Registration module has been also linked to Open Tenure in order to collect field data using the mobile application, which then transferred the data from the Open Tenure Community Server into the Systematic Registration database.

SOLA Registry was used in two states (Kebbi and Katsina) in combination with Open Tenure to modernize the land registration and digitize the acts and cadastral plan (converting existing paper cadastral maps into digital format).