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Free, open-source solutions to protect and strengthen tenure rights

Often, implementation of land information systems requires a high level of IT expertise and significant investment. As an alternative, FAO has developed a set of free, open-source tools aimed at improving tenure governance by increasing transparency and reducing the cost for recording and managing existing tenure rights and right holders in customary or in formal tenure systems. These tools include two major groups of products: Group 1: Land Administration (SOLA), comprised of SOLA Registry, SOLA State Land and SOLA Systematic Registration  and Group 2: Community Tenure Recording (Open Tenure), comprised of Open Tenure mobile application for field collection and Community Server for processing the collected field data and registering claims. The Administrative module can be used  for administration of all packages from both Group 1 and Group 2.

Land Administration packages (SOLA) are desktop applications, which can be used independently or as a suite:

  • Registry: Implements official land registry functions, seamlessly integrating registration and cadastre matters;
  • Systematic Registration: Supports systematic registration activities while collecting data and producing public display listings and maps;
  • State Land: Assists governments and state agencies to manage property owned or vested in the state during all steps, from acquisition to disposal.

Community tenure recording package includes Open Tenure mobile app with Community server and can be used for:

  • Demarcation of community lands and internal land use planning;
  • Increasing recognition of customary lands and territories;
  • Clarification of tenure rights within communities.

To learn more about SOLA and Open Tenure, visit our “About” page.

Links to source codes, documentation and other materials can be found under the resources section at "SOLA” and  “Open Tenure” pages.

More details on SOLA and Open Tenure can be found at “SOLA” and  “Open Tenure” pages respectively.

Country implementation examples can be found at “Country Examples” page.

Benefits of using SOLA and Open Tenure to protect tenure rights:

  • Integrated model with easy-to-apply solutions to record tenure rights
  • Implementation of technology goes hand-in-hand with associated capacity development
  • Simplified procedures and locally suitable technology reduce costs and time of service delivery