Webinar: TR4-Resistant Banana Varieties: Development, Introduction and Evaluation


Join us for the upcoming webinar on TR4-Resistant Banana Varieties which will be held onĀ Tuesday, 17 May 15:30-18:00 CEST.

This webinar is part of a series of capacity building and awareness raising events organized by the World Banana Forum and its TR4 Global Network. The previous events were focused on TR4 Diagnosis, Capacity Building and Awareness Raising and TR4-Resistant Varieties.

This particular webinar aims to provide additional information on banana cultivars and varieties with tolerance or resistance to Foc TR4 and discuss important aspects to take into consideration when introducing and evaluating those varieties. The event will also cover the required steps for resistance assessment considering quarantine protocols for safe introduction of foreign germplasm, indexation, planting material propagation, experimental design for resistance trials, evaluation of resistance, and data analysis.