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Hundred and Thirty-second Session of the Finance Committee

Rome,  12 -16 April 2010

List of DocumentsDownload ID
FC 132/1 Rev.1 Provisional Agenda K7382E
FC 132/1 Add.1 Rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda K7616E
FC 132/2 Financial Highlights and Status of Current Assessments and Arrears K7591E
FC 132/3 2009 Actuarial Valuation of Staff-Related Liabilities K7559E
FC 132/3 Add.1 2009 Actuarial Valuation of Staff Related Liabilities - Update to table 8 K7559E
FC 132/4 Progress Report on Adoption of International Public Sector Accounting Standards K7770E
FC 132/5 Report on Investments 2009 K7491E
FC 132/6 Annual Report on Budgetary Performance and Programme and Budgetary Transfers in the 2008-09 Biennium K7653E
FC 132/7 Progress Report on Adjustments to the Programme of Work for Unidentified Further Efficiency Gains and One-time Savings K7673E
FC 132/8 Implementation of Corporate Human Resources Strategy K7568E
FC 132/9 Membership of the FAO Audit Committee K7575E
FC 132/10 -
PC 103/7
The Evaluation of FAO’s Operational Capacity in Emergencies K7319E
FC 132/10 a)-
PC 103/7
The Evaluation of FAO’s Operational Capacity in Emergencies - Management Response K7604E
FC 132/11 Emoluments of the Independent Chairperson of the Council K7613E
FC 132/12 Financial Planning for IPA Implementation in the 2010-11 Biennium K7660E
FC 132/13 Review of the Terms of Reference of the Ethics Committee K7435E
FC 132/14 Selection and Appointment of the External Auditor 9295E
FC 132/INF SeriesDownloadID
FC 132/INF/1 Provisional Timetable K7593E
FC 132/INF/2 2009 Annual Activity Report of the Office of the Inspector-General K7524E
FC 132/INF/3 Decisions of the General Assembly on ICSC and UN Joint Staff Pension Board (including Changes in Salary Scales and Allowances) K7497E
FC 132/INF/4 Review of Information and Communication Technology hosting Services in the UN System Organizations (JIU/REP/2008/5) K7781E
FC 132/INF/5 Review of Management of Internet websites in UN System Organizations (JIU/REP/2008/6) K7803E
JM 2010.1/1 Provisional Agenda of the Joint Meeting K7430E
JM 2010.1/2 Progress on Implementation of the TCP K7442E
JM 2010.1/3 Results-based Work Planning, Monitoring and Report System K7683E
JM 2010.1/4 Progress on Resource Mobilization and Management Strategy K7800E
The ReportDownload ID
CL 139/5 Report of the Joint Meeting of the 103rd Session of the Programme Committee and of the 132nd Session of the Finance Committee (Rome, 14 April 2010) K7986E
CL 139/8 Report of the 132nd Session of the Finance Committee
(Rome, 12-16 April 2010)
CL 139/8 Add.1 Changes in Representation of Members of the Finance Committee: Summary of the Qualifications of Mr Claudio Miscia (Italy) K7845E

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