Urban Food Actions Platform


Author: Coll.
Publisher: USDA Forest Service

i-Tree is a state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed software suite from the USDA Forest Service that provides urban and rural forestry analysis and benefits assessment tools. The i-Tree tools can help strengthen forest management and advocacy efforts by quantifying forest structure and the environmental benefits that trees provide. By understanding the local ecosystem services that trees provide, i-Tree users can link forest management activities with environmental quality and community livability. Whether your interest is a single tree or an entire forest, i-Tree provides data that you can use to demonstrate value and set priorities for more effective decision-making. For this reason, this set of tools was designed for consultants, students, local authorities worldwide to assess and manage urban and rural forests.

Topic: Governance and planning
Tags: Healthy environment, Monitor and evaluation, Urban and peri-urban forestry
Organization: USDA Forest Service
Author: Coll.
Year: 2006
Type: Directories
Region: Global coverage
Resource format: Document
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