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Managing city region food systems - Enhancing strength and resilience against pandemics and climate change

Auteur: FAO, RUAF
Publié par: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany

The panel discussion provided a forum for urban and national representatives to share experiences and review how the City-Region Food Systems approach has helped them deal with multiple risks such as climate shocks and stresses and the COVID-19 pandemic.
The discussion shared experiences among different institutions and actors involved in local food systems in managing multiple risks and building resilience across urban and rural areas. Specifically, the cities that shared their experience were the following: Antananarivo, Quito, and Melbourne.

Thème: Governance and planning
Tags: COVID-19, Food system analysis
Organisation: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany
Auteur: FAO, RUAF
Année: 2021
Type: Reports & Case Studies
City (Pays): Australia, Ecuador, Madagascar
Région: Global coverage
Format de ressource: Video
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