Urban Food Agenda

A Virtual Consultation on Urban Food Systems



As part of the follow-up to the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS), and in the context of the formation of the new Urban Food Systems Coalition, FAO, UNEP and UN-HABITAT are organizing a Consultation Meeting on the 7th of April 2022, with key representatives from local, regional and national government.


The purpose of this virtual meeting is to discuss and consult on two key issues:

  1. What are the challenges and opportunities in harmonizing food systems policies and governance, among different levels of governance ( national, local)?
  2. How can a new Urban Food Systems Coalition support national governments in engaging local and subnational governments in the implementation of the national food systems pathways and in the process of accelerating the systems transformation at all levels?

Many governments are increasingly committing to accelerate food systems transformation in alignment with the 2030 Agenda and the UN Food Systems Summit outcomes. With 70% of food consumption taking place in urban areas, there is an increasing global consensus that making progress on the agenda of food systems transformation requires addressing urban food systems issues. To achieve that, urban actors need to engage with national and sub-national governments and other stakeholders, to formulate and implement effective food policies to ptomotr sustainanable urban food systems and contribute to the local and national efforts.

The Food Systems Summit, convened by the UN Secretary General in September 2021, clearly recognized the role of local governments at all levels - urban, regional and national - as a key part of the solution in promoting sustainable and transformative changes in food systems at different scales (local, regional, national and global) and benefiting food security, socio-economic and environmental outcomes. This has been a historic achievement on this topic.

The Urban Food Systems Coalition (UFSC) is one of the coalitions that emerged from the Food Systems Summit. While the overall structure of the Coalition is being shaped, it becomes vital that there is a dialogue among partners to contribute to the evolution of the coalition. National and sub-national governments and actors need to interact in order to develop mutual understanding of their challenges they face as well as the possible actions to be taken by the UFSC to add value to their efforts in support of integrated policies and governance for sustainable food systems transformation. This will help to make the work of the UFSC relevant and country-driven.

The consultation will also be the opportunity to share the outcomes of the Fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly in relation to urban food systems.
The outcomes of the discussion will be fundamental for defining the governance and action plan of the Urban Food Systems Coalition and for informing other relevant events such as the UCLGA Africities Summit and the UN-HABITAT World Urban Forum.

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