Urban Food Agenda

Kigali City to welcome its first food waste reduction and management Taskforce


In Kigali City, more than 2 million tons of food are wasted every year, and with 19 per cent of local population still without access to an adequate nourishment (Food Waste Index, 2021), this data become even more alarming.

Such a striking unbalance needs to be solved with urgent actions, able to build sustainable food system that deliver positive outcomes for both producers and consumers.

Mugabo John, Urban Sewage and Waste Management Specialist, highlighted this point, in both words and action, working with FAO and the local government from Kigali.

The organizations have put in place a joint taskforce with the Rwanda Rural Rehabilitation Initiative-RWARRI.

As noted by the FAO Country representative Assistant, Otto Muhinda, the different organizations and institutions’ focal points sitting in the Taskforce will use their experiences to guide, advice and orient the City of Kigali in food waste reduction and management

The Taskforce expects to produce recommendations for the City of Kigali and their respective institutions or organizations at the end of this mission, showing everyone’s implication in food waste reduction and management of Kigali. “The team will further think through a solid plan to reduce and eliminate food waste”, he concluded.

Uwizeye Belange, Executive Director of RWARRI, said that food waste reduction and management for greening Kigali would be successful if all actors worked together for a common goal. Indeed, “reducing food lost or wasted means more food for all, less greenhouse gas emissions, less pressure on the environment, especially on water and land resources, increased productivity and economic growth, and more sustainable societies”, he added. 

Up to now, the Taskforce received the training on food waste reduction and management and is going to make an inspection series to different locations experiencing a high level of food waste in the City of Kigali before the preparation of action with tangible actions to assist the City of Kigali food waste reduction and management.