Urban Food Agenda

FAO and ICLEI launch the Food Systems Dialogues 2.0


The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI), are joining hands, once again, to organize the 2022 Multi-stakeholder Dialogues on urban food systems in the Global South. 

FAO, in partnership with ICLEI, has already organized 16 independent dialogues as part of the Food Systems Summit Process in 2021. The outcomes of these dialogues have been instrumental for raising the voices of cities and local governments in global fora such as Food Systems Summit, CFS, COP26.
Many cities have been expressing the need for establishing platforms for promoting continuing dialogues and more in deep discussion around food systems. 

It is important to sustain and build on the momentum that has been generated in 2021 to implement concrete actions and to continue the multi-stakeholder engagement. 

That is why, building on the dialogues, the project 'Food Systems Dialogues 2.0' will involve 11 cities in Africa and 10 in Latin America. This also represents a follow-up to the United Nations Food Systems Summit, convened by the UN-Secretary General in September 2021.  

Selected cities will have the opportunity to participate in food system labs, as well as webinars aimed at exchanging experiences on urban food systems, amongst other activities.  

This project falls within the broader collaboration between FAO and ICLEI, within the framework of the Urban Food Agenda, and thanks to the South-South and Triangular mechanism, the selected cities will network in order to improve their governance and public policies aimed at sustainable, circular, fair and resilient food systems. 

This will ultimately contribute towards strengthening multi-level food system governance linkages between local and national levels, by supporting the different levels of government to understand their roles in shaping the urban food system. 

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