Urban Food Agenda

Innovative FAO Food Waste youth project awarded at the Nairobi International Trade Fair


The Food Waste Champions supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) were awarded for having the 3rd best Innovation and invention stand at the Nairobi International Trade Fair – Agricultural Society of Kenya.

During the visit, the Governor of Nairobi, H.E Johnson Sakaja  was impressed with the innovative nature of the techniques displayed by the youth to address food waste at the market. The young men and women have been trained by FAO, in partnership with Nairobi City County Government, on production of compost, biofuel such as briquettes and artificial firewood production, through food waste utilization. The 100 young food waste champions gained skills on oil extraction and soap making from from overripe avocados that would go to waste.

"These innovations should be replicated in other markets",  the governor noted, "highlighting its potential in addressing multiple urban challenges such as youth unemployment, environmental protection, income generation and food production through compost".

Such results reflects the outcome of the FAO Urban Food Agenda which promote the integration of food systems in local policy, planning and action using various entry points. Food waste is one of the crucial entry point used in Nairobi for promoting systems thinking and achieving sustainable urban food systems transformation.

FAO has also supported Nairobi County on the development of the holisytic food strategy and on the establishment of the food agriculture department within the County.

These urban food systems related activies are implemented under the framework of the FAO Urban Food Agenda linked to the FAO Green Cities Initiative