Urban Food Agenda

13 July | Food Systems in Mediterranean Cities - Opportunities for collaboration


13 July 2023 / 10.00 – 12.00 (CEST) - Webinar

Under the Framework of the Urban Food Agenda and the SFS-MED Platform, this webinar will present the outcomes of a recent FAO study conducted in partnership with the NGO Let's Food to identify urban food system initiatives in the Mediterranean.

The event will bring together municipalities, food systems stakeholders from across the Mediterranean, and international city networks to address the key question: how to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among Mediterranean cities to advance sustainable food systems in the region?

The recent urbanization increase registered in the Mediterranean region is posing severe challenges to urban populations in their access to healthy diets and social protection mechanisms.

In response to these challenges, local governments are prioritizing the importance of food systems in their policies, and effective instruments such as cooperation between cities.

Therefore, the webinar will also provide participants with an opportunity to share their experiences in promoting sustainable food systems in Mediterranean cities. They will be able to discuss the added value of city-to-city cooperation initiatives, identify needs and expectations for successful peer-to-peer learning, and explore ways to strengthen collaboration among Mediterranean cities and key partners.

The outcomes of this webinar will contribute to the development of strategies and policies that promote sustainable and inclusive food systems throughout the Mediterranean region.

Live interpretation in English, French and Arabic.

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