WASAG – The Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture


Unlocking finance for water and agriculture: Volume 1

This framework aims to identify innovative financial mechanisms for interventions dealing with water scarcity in agriculture in the context of climate change. The working group supports new approaches to finance water for agriculture, that will inform the work undertaken by other WASAG working groups and Partners to ensure an aligned approach across WASAG projects and activities. The Volume II of this framework will later be published to demonstrate how the framework has been applied in case studies.

Guidelines on irrigation investment projects

Significant and responsible public and private investments in irrigation are vital for delivering on the 2030 Agenda. Development of the irrigation sector faces multiple challenges, including water scarcity and degradation, competition over shared resources, agricultural transformation and the impact of climate change. The guidelines in this paper add to a growing body of knowledge on irrigation investment support.

World Water Day 2020 – Water Investments

During the past 20 years, floods and droughts have caused almost 700 billion USD of total economic damage. Investments play a critical role but are only one element of the puzzle. Unlocking funds is fundamentally about building trust and about creating and capturing value that can induce a virtuous cycle of sustainable economic development.

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