World Agriculture Watch

WAW framework for action

The rapidly changing and globalized world needs agricultural transformation that will respond to the demands of future generations of farmers, allowing them to embrace sustainable development by contributing to food security and nutrition, economic growth and employment generationpoverty reduction, and social and environmental sustainability

There are questions over the capacity of rural farm holdings (small and large) to respond to these global challenges. As a group, family farms are the largest investors in agriculture and have proved their ability to be competitive and sustainable. However, they need an enabling and empowering environment if they are to improve their performance.

Informing public policy

Formulating and implementing effective public policy to create such conditions requires dialogue and a thorough understanding of the evolving characteristics of rural holdings, as well as the contributions of various farm types to the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

WAW works with its partners to collect valuable data on national agricultural systems and to categorize farm types appropriately. The information it gathers will inform agricultural policy from the global to the local level and facilitate tailored and targeted strategies and actions based on farm type – from small, poor, family-based farms to large corporations and industrial farming enterprises.

Our products and services

WAW’s portfolio of products and services includes:

  • A common international methodological framework and technical assistance for assessing and monitoring the various types of farm and their transformation;
  • A policy-dialogue facilitation process among stakeholders at the national and regional levels (including South–South cooperation), in particular, through face-to-face technical meetings;
  • An international platform aimed at raising awareness of agricultural diversity and rural transformation, comprising joint publications, a dedicated website and informational events. The platform will also enable partner countries to increase their global visibility.