World Agriculture Watch

Academia and research

WAW works with its specialized academic and research-network partners  on the production of empirical data at farm level.

WAW will continue to rely on the support of CIRAD, one of its founders, for the methodological and operational dimensions of the initiative, both in terms of collecting and analysing farm and household datasets and technical assistance. CIRAD has also established decentralized collaborative research and development platforms in different regions (22 countries, with a regional mandate) that can support WAW’s country partners.

Other organizations and networks may become involved, for example, the Afrint Network developed by Lund University in Sweden, which focuses on gathering and analysing empirical data at household and farm level through a network of six African Universities in East, Southern and West Africa.

WAW also collaborates with the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR), large and inclusive global network bringing together actors from across the agricultural spectrum, including farmers’ organizations and agricultural research entities. WAW can draw on GFAR’s network and contacts to reach national and local stakeholders more efficiently when it comes to South-South Cooperation efforts.