World Agriculture Watch

Our Networks

Our partnerships are a key strategic asset

WAW works with its partner countries – currently, El SalvadorMadagascarNigerSenegalTunisia, and Vietmam – to gather and disseminate comprehensive agricultural information that informs policy design, with a particular focus on family farmers. WAW is currently in talks with Argentina, Costa Rica, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Japan with a view to expanding its network in those countries.

WAW also partners with rural producer organizations, national farmer platforms and regional organizations. It works with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to strengthen the capacity of small support and cooperative groups. AgriCord, for example, is helping WAW to forge relationships with rural producer organizations.

The data collected by these partners can be used to inform governments, as well as farmer organizations and farmers themselves, so that they can improve farming practices and escape the poverty trap.

For WAW, these partnerships are a key strategic asset, made possible by the fact that its partners share a common understanding of family farming and its future. Framing this future in a more inclusive and sustainable way requires proper investment. Attracting this investment at global level requires a common framework that will provide a comparative perspective on and between countries, but which is sufficiently flexible to adapt to diverse agricultural situations around the world.