Good practices in the banana industry

The WBF has partnered with IDH - the Sustainable Trade Initiative to develop an online portal on sustainable agricultural practices in the banana sector. The portal will facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and adoption of good practices in the banana sector, being accessible to small producers and all value chain players, and constituting a learning platform to build local capacity.

Environmental practices

Environmental practices in the banana industry are designed to ensure sustainability and to mitigate effects on surrounding ecosystems. Each stage of the banana production cycle has an environmental impact with the potential to be reduced.

Standards and certifications

The banana industry uses both private and public standards and certifications throughout its value chain. They can be used as ways of formalising and measuring improvements to industry practices. Several certifications are well known and of interest to consumers. Public standards are mandatory. They correspond to international, regional or national regulations in place in importing countries, mostly to protect consumers’ health.

Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety (OHS) forms a fundamental component of labour right for workers. This is particularly the case in the banana sector, as banana production entails intensive use of agrochemicals that can have significant impacts on the health and safety of workers and their surrounding communities. A focus on improvements with respect to occupational health and safety can thus provide stronger guidelines and regulations for the protection of workers and foster decent working conditions. 

‌Social practices

(This section is currently being updated. Thank you for your understanding.)

Social practices in the banana industry pertain to those that affect individuals and communities, aiming to create better lives for banana industry workers, particularly at lower levels.


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