Programme du recensement mondial de l’agriculture


Global Review of Agricultural Census Methodologies and Results (2006-2015)
World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2010
The publication is the second and last publication of the WCA 2010 round. It is a unique reference for understanding the evolution of strategies and methods seen in national agricultural censuses in that round.
Main Results and Metadata by Country (2006 - 2015)
World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2010
The real value of this publication lies in the availability of detailed metadata on agricultural censuses conducted by different countries.
World Programme of the Census of Agriculture 2020
Volume 2: Operational Guidelines
This publication focuses on the operational aspects for conducting a census of agriculture. It deals with the practical details on the steps involved in actually conducting an agricultural census. Volume 2 is a revised and updated edition of “Conducting Agricultural Censuses and Surveys”, published by FAO in 1996.
Programme mondial du recensement de l’agriculture 2020
Volume 1: Programme, concepts et définitions
Le Programme mondial du recensement de l’agriculture 2020 (Programme de 2020) à travers la présente publication a pour objectif de fournir les orientations pour les recensements nationaux de l’agriculture sur la période allant de 2016 à 2025.
This publication aims to provide practical guidance for population and housing census and agricultural census planners looking to implement a cost-effective census strategy by coordinating the population and housing census with the agricultural census.
The January 2011 issue of the Asia Pacific Food Situation Update (APFSU) reports food prices surged to a new historic peak in January 2011 with FAO cautioning developing countries on policy responses and considering their longer-term effects.
L’état de l’insécurité alimentaire dans le monde s’intéresse aux pays confrontés à des crises prolongées, où la sous-alimentation frappe près de 40 pour cent de la population. Il examine les problèmes rencontrés lorsque l’on cherche à inverser la tendance dans ces pays et montre notamment à quel point il est [...]
This document has been prepared by the Statistics Division.The preparation of the numerous tables has been facilitated by access to the statistics in FAO databases maintained not only by the Statistics Division but also other units in FAO.
Indicators to measure food poverty and undernourishment are useful for understanding food insecurity at national level and within countries. This paper discusses two indicators: proportion of undernourishment, and proportion of critical food poverty. Both indicators are based on nutritional underlying criteria and derived from food consumption and income data collected [...]
This is the twenty-fifth issue of the above publication, a comprehensive and detailed compilation of statistics on farming, livestock, fishery, forestry and nutrition in Asia-Pacific countries for the decade 1998-2008. Statistics are listed separately for developing countries (including transition economies) and developed countries in the region.
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