World Soil Day

Activities: Get involved!

The success of the World Soil Day depends on you and everyone's involvement! During the second half of the year, the World Soil Day campaign is marked by a number of events, actions and initiatives to raise awareness of the potentials and challenges for sustainable soil management, facilitate dialogue among actors and promote innovative solutions for nurturing cooperation on soil.

A general engagement, both individual and collective, is required for disseminating knowledge and awareness of the value of the soil beneath our feet at local, national and international scales.

What can you do? Take action!

Promote the World Soil Day: use the logo, our web banners and other campaign materials;

Send us the translations for the motto "Caring for the Planet starts from the Ground";

Raise awareness of the benefits of SSM: use the messages and tell us about success stories;

Share your knowledge. Develop the capacities of stakeholders by organizing seminars and workshops;

Send us your pictures, artwork, videos and other creations, and we will further share them;

Contribute to the formulation of new policy proposals where soil is properly addressed;

Much, much more: be CREATIVE! and share new ideas and proposals with us!

Our activities and proposals

Photo Contest on Black Soils

From the ancient Egyptian who grew their crops along the banks of the River Nile to what ancient Amazonian natives called terra preta, black soils are a type of very dark, fertile soil found in sparse amounts around the world. Help us discover all black soils around the world! No matter if you’re a soil expert, a skilled photographer, a farmer, a native, or a young student. Join our photo-contest by sending us your photo! 

Discover more here.

HeART and Soil

This exhibition  launched the GSP communication campaign for WSD 2017 and fulfilled the purpose of maintaining the high public attention on how healthy soils are strategic allies for our lives. A new HeART and Soil event is foreseen for 5 December in Rome, Italy. The importance of soils will be emphasized through soil experiments dedicated to children.

More details here.

Soil Painting Competition

We’re calling on children, teens and young university students all over the world, from age 6, to use their imagination and create/recreate an image  that illustrates this year’s World Soil Day theme painting with soil-derived colors. Produce a painting and share with us your time-lapse video no longer than 1 minute or a picture of what you are doing with your teachers, friends or colleagues, and tell us your thought process!

More details here.