Did you know that mangroves are excellent natural defences against flash floods, heavy storms as well as offering the perfect habitat for marine life? Through a mini-grant supported by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA), 30 Girl Guides from Thailand were able to raise awareness of the uniqueness of these ecosystems and plant mangrove trees to counter the impact of deforestation. 

Mini-grants of up to US$ 1 000 have been provided to support Girl Guide and Girl Scout groups around the world to undertake environmental projects in their local communities. Through this collaboration between WAGGGS, FAO and YUNGA, girls and young women are able to play an active part in solving environmental problems and raise community awareness through engaging activities and action-oriented projects.

The mini-grants have been used to undertake actions in over 10 countries with over 500 participants, including:

  • Promoting a community waste collection scheme called ‘ECOPOINT’ (Brazil, 140 Girl Guides and Girl Scouts);
  • Repainting and restoring a community mural depicting environmental issues as a way of kickstarting discussions in the community(Commonwealth of Dominica, 20 Girl Guides);
  • Planting trees and raising awareness about climate change and ‘food miles’ at ‘Camp Activate’ (South Africa, 30 Girl Guides).

Do you want to raise awareness and take action in your local community to help people adapt to climate change, prevent further CO emissions (mitigation) or improve people’s food security? If yes, be sure to check this page regularly to find out when the next call for the mini-grants applications is open! Projects can be related to waste management, deforestation, sustainable agricultural production, energy use and much more... We look forward to letting you inspire us!

© FAO. Girl Guides outside Samutsakhon Mangrove Forest Research Center, Thailand.
© FAO. Yatika (aged 7) and Sasiya (aged 9) also help out.
© FAO. Repainting and restoring the community mural in Dublanc, Commonwealth of Dominica.