Aux côtés des femmes rurales, intensifions nos efforts pour en finir avec la faim et la pauvreté

Les femmes et les hommes ruraux s'expriment


FTT-Thiaroye ovens were introduced in 2014 in Côte d’Ivoire as a simple, but efficient alternative to traditional fish smoking. Benefits for women have proven to be numerous: healthier working environment, better quality of products, extra time to attend literacy classes. Many women are now able to pay for the children’s...


Small holder farmer, Mrs Ssekide, joined the Balyejjusa farmer field school and convinced of the benefits persuaded her husband to join too. She tells her story of how successful working as a team has proven to be. In Uganda, almost 80% of households rely upon agriculture for their livelihood, and...


El Nino has taken a heavy toll on people like Sipiwe Moyo, who lives with HIV in rural Zimbabwe. A subsistence farmer, she became unable to feed herself earlier this year, as El Nino destroyed her crops and livelihood. Hunger was a daily reality. To make matter worse, she could...


A farmer from Mymensingh, in the north of Bangladesh, tells her story of successes through a FAO project. 


A farmer from from the Rajshahi division in central Bangladesh, tells her story of success through a FAO project.

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