Office of Chief Statistician

The Office of Chief Statistician (OCS) is responsible for the overall coordination and governance of the FAO’s statistical work, both at headquarters and in FAO’s Regional and Country Offices. OCS provides guidance to the technical units in charge of data acquisition, compilation and dissemination, with the aim of ensuring quality and consistency of statistical practices at corporate level.

OCS plays a quality assurance role in the development of methods and standards for food and agriculture statistics and in the provision of technical assistance and capacity development to member countries.

The Office is also leading the Organization’s work to monitor the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators under FAO custodianship.

Areas of work

Focal points

Chief Statistician
Pietro Gennari

Agricultural statistics
Contact: Yakob Seid

Corporate monitoring and reporting
Contact: Ayca Donmez

Fishery statistics
Contact: Aymen Charef

Forestry statistics
Contact: Simona Sorrenti

Open data
Contact: MichaelAustin Rahija

Quality assurance
Contacts: Marcello D’Orazio; Valerie Bizier; Roger Kamana

SDG monitoring
Contacts: Dorian Kalamvrezos Navarro; Lorenzo De Simone

SDG compliance for the private sector
Contacts: Valerie Bizier; Yue Li

Statistics communication
Contact: Sophie Ditlecadet

Statistics governance
Contacts: Valerie Bizier; Faridun Hakimov; Jessica Stewart

Statistics standards and classifications
Contact: Simona Sorrenti


Interdepartmental Working Group (IDWG) on Statistics

The Chief Statistician is supported by the Interdepartmental Working Group on Statistics (IDWG), which provides an internal consultation and coordination platform to take decisions of corporate relevance and to develop a strategic vision for FAO statistics.

The IDWG promotes inter-divisional cooperation on statistical programmes, endorses methodologies and common conceptual frameworks, and ensures the implementation of corporate standards. The Members comprise representatives from all units within FAO concerned with the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of statistics, including from the FAO’s Regional Offices.