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Photo: ©FAO/Daniel Hayduk
IYFF brought new political commitment in support of the world’s more than 500 million family farms
Photo: ©FAO/Thomas Hug
The Index for Risk Management (InfoRM) sheds new light on what drives crises -- and what communities need in order to face them
Photo: ©Scott Nelson/WPN for FAO
FAO and OIE urge at-risk countries to step-up prevention efforts through increased bio-security
Photo: ©FAO/Alessandra Benedetti
Second International Conference on Nutrition pushes commitments and concrete action
Pope Francis tells delegates from 172 countries at the Second International Conference on Nutrition to view food, nutrition and the environment as global public issues and warned that when "solidarity is lacking in one country, it's felt around the world."
The installation, a giant blue spoon, was unveiled during a ceremony at FAO's Rome headquarters. Made out of recyclable materials, and symbolizing a tool common to all food traditions, it represents the UN's Zero Hunger Challenge which aims to eradicate chronic undernourishment.
Ministers and senior officials responsible for health, food or agriculture and other aspects of nutrition adopted the Rome Declaration on Nutrition, and a Framework for Action, which set out recommendations for policies and programmes to address nutrition across multiple sectors.