Director-General QU Dongyu addresses FAO Regional Conference for Africa
FAO Regional Conference for Africa focuses on country-led, country-owned actions
As African swine fever spreads globally, governments, industry and specialists come together to take action
FAO Director-General emphasizes the significant roles the two countries have played in FAO’s mission

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FAO aims to untap Africa's potential to end hunger and malnutrition

"We meet in trying times, but the opportunities ahead of us give me hope," the FAO Director-General. "Africa is the continent of untapped potential and remains a key priority for me. I am convinced that agricultural and rural development are the keys to winning the battle against poverty and hunger in Africa."


FAO’s Hand-in-Hand initiative can help end hunger and poverty in Africa

Agriculture ministers from across Africa, representatives from the African Union, the civil society and the private sector, and other partners, recognized the role FAO’s Hand-in-Hand Initiative can play in ending poverty and hunger.


FAO and OIE kickstart global initiative to stop spread of deadly pig disease

As African swine fever (ASF) marches swiftly across countries affecting food security and livelihoods of some of the world’s most vulnerable populations, FAO and OIE are calling on all nations and partners to join forces to keep this deadly pig disease at bay under a new initiative.