On World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, FAO’s head stresses need to use both “simple solutions” and hi-tech tools to prevent a drought from turning into famine
Through FAO, the EU will provide €15 million for vulnerable farmers
Global Environment Facility approves $179 million to support FAO-led projects
61 per cent of the population are projected to face crisis levels of food insecurity or worse

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FAO and Seeds&Chips join forces to promote youth’s active engagement in sustainable development

FAO and the Italian innovation global platform Seeds & Chips have joined forces to promote food innovation and education, with a strong focus on strengthening youth engagement and awareness-raising initiatives to fight hunger and malnutrition and achieve sustainable development.


Bridging the divide: Digital technologies poised to transform agrifood systems

“Digital innovation is a very promising field to help countries implement sustainable agricultural practices,” the DG said in his introduction to FAO’s inaugural International Seminar on Digital Agriculture Transformation.


Call for renewed global push to tackle child labour in agriculture

On World Day Against Child Labour, FAO urged nations to pay greater attention and allocate more financial resources to addressing child labour in domestic and local food supply chains and in subsistence farming where the vast majority of child labour in agriculture occurs.