Wider appropriate application of genetic improvement in aquaculture will significantly boost sustainable food supply for future generations
Diouf has passed away at the age of 81
FAO urges Asian countries to maintain strict control measures
FAO welcomes IPCC special report on the link between climate change, land and food

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Kuwait supports efforts to reduce hunger in Syria

Kuwait and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have strengthened their partnership to help Syrian farmers and herders recover and boost their food security and nutrition - all thanks to a $3 million contribution from Kuwait to benefit some 20,000 highly vulnerable people and their extended families.


Greater resilience needed for African food security in the face of climate change

Resilience must be boosted in Africa in response to climate change, according to participants at the high-level Africa Food Security Leadership Dialogue hosted by the Government of Rwanda in Kigali (5-6 August), in partnership with FAO.


Qu Dongyu takes up post as FAO chief

Qu began by greeting staff at the agency's Rome headquarters and visiting them in their individual offices. "Let's work together, learn together and contribute together for the benefit of our (FAO's) member countries," he told FAO staff.