FAO’s global agricultural heritage network now comprises 50 remarkable landscapes
The International Plant Protection Convention approves standards on fruit flies, heat and chemical treatments, surveillance, wood packaging
The project is part of an initiative supporting countries and regions prone to El Nino's impacts

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Global body adopts new measures to stop the spread of plant pests

The body charged with keeping global trade in agricultural products safe and clean has adopted several new phytosanitary standards aimed at preventing destructive agricultural and environmental pests from jumping borders and spreading internationally.


Focus on helping field workers cope with the heat

FAO has urged governments and the private sector to improve labour safety in agriculture and forestry, sectors whose back-breaking jobs are among the most dangerous. In a bid to reduce health risks and even death, FAO has published two papers mapping ways to improve worker health and safety.


Positive prospects for solar-powered irrigation systems

FAO presented a global overview of the benefits and risks of solar-powered irrigation at an international forum in Rome (12-13 April) hosted in partnership with Germany’s Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit and the International Water Management Institute.