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Foto: Llanos de Colombia. Alejo Rendón (David): https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colombia#/media/File:Los_Llanos_Colombia_by_David.png
"Where war sprung up, Colombia will sow the seeds of peace" - FAO Director-General
Photo: ©FAO/Sonia Nguyen
At Kenya conference, FAO leader highlights role of agriculture in preventing conflict, enabling recovery
Photo: ©FAO/
Poster and video contest asks children from around the globe to use their creativity to explore the 2016 World Food Day theme
Photo: ©FAO/Hkun Lat / FAO
FAO tool helps livestock farmers to improve productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
On World Humanitarian Day 2016, we reflect on FAO's activities in humanitarian situations and profile some of our team who are working in the field to build a world free from hunger.
Globally, around 527 million sea container trips are made each year - China alone deals with over 133 million sea containers annually. It is not only their cargo, but the steel contraptions themselves, that can serve as vectors for the spread of exotic species capable of wreaking ecological and agricultural havoc.
The newly released Mid-Year Review of the Ethiopia Humanitarian Requirements Document (HRD) indicates that 900 000 additional households need urgent agricultural support bringing the total number to 2.9 million in August. Meeting additional agricultural sector needs will require $45 million bringing the total requirement for the agriculture sector to $91.3 million for 2016.