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Photo: ©FAO/Walter Astrada
FAO Director-General speaks at 26th Caribbean Community summit
Photo: ©FAO/Filippo Brasesco
Cactus pear marmalade to join more traditional jams on Italian shelves
Photo: ©FAO/Giuseppe Bizzarri
FAO Director-General speaks at Caribbean Community agriculture ministers’ meeting
Photo: ©Alessia Pierdomenico
Assessment highlights results gained by working more strategically with member countries
A new and easy-to-assemble fish drying technology pioneered by FAO is helping reduce health hazards, improve food safety and quality, improve working conditions and cut down food losses in West African fishing villages.
The model of agricultural production that predominates today is not suitable for the new food security challenges of the 21st century, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva has told participants at an international forum in Paris.
Sharks can swim more serenely one day thanks to a handy new digital technique developed by FAO that allows for the quick identification of species of the iconic fish. The new iSharkFin software will help protect endangered shark species and combat illegal trade in shark fins.