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The International Network on Family Poultry Development (INFPD) is an independent association supported by the Animal Production and Health Division and has also recently become a Working Group of the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA).

INFPD is an information exchange network, whose main objective is to encourage sustainable high productivity within the family poultry sub-sector and in so doing, facilitate income generation, alleviate poverty, improve family nutritional standards and contribute meaningfully to food security.

The focus of action of the Network thus far has been to collect data and detailed information about family poultry production systems in the different regions, with the aim of providing sound information and advice for application by small-scale poultry farmers. This information is disseminated through a trilingual (English, French and Spanish) newsletter, which is produced twice a year and distributed electronically with a printed version for members without e-mail facilities.

The Network has also established strong linkages with other related bodies and agencies with a focus on support for family/village poultry farming.

Membership of the Network comprises of researchers, policy makers, educators, staff of development agencies (NGOs), aid donors and smallholder farmers.

You can apply for INFPD membership by completing and forwarding the membership form in the language of your choice.
[ APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP: english - español - français]


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