Acute food insecurity soars driven by conflicts, extreme weather events, rising food prices

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Global Environment Facility tasks FAO and IFAD to lead new $230 million agrifood systems transformation program

The initiative aims to support shifts towards sustainable nature-positive production and efficient value chains for crops, commodities, livestock, and aquaculture

© FAO/Giulio Napolitano
FAO and Pacific nations weigh local innovations as solutions to growing climate and nutrition challenges

Pacific SIDS leaders to foster and accelerate innovation to transform agrifood systems


Rome Water Dialogue highlights urgency of sustainably managing planet’s stressed water resources

35 percent more freshwater needed to feed growing population by 2050, FAO Director-General warns

New data tool explores where the “food dollar” goes

FAOSTAT’s new Food Value Chain domain analyzes resource flows beyond the farm sector and across agrifood systems.

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