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The links on this page are intended as a means to enable visitors of our website to send queries and/or feedback regarding technical matters to the respective technical officers. 
For general queries or if you are not sure whether your query falls into our technical competence, please use the Ask FAO facility. 
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William Murray
Principle Officer (officer in charge)

Caterina Batello
Programme Entity Leader - Technical support for policy options for Sustainable Production Intensification through Ecosystem Management for Food Security

YongZhen Yang
Programme Entity Leader - Reduction of risks associated with pesticide use in agriculture to protect human health and the environment

Chikelu Mba
Programme Entity Leader - Technical Support to the Global Plan of Action for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, as it relates to the International Treaty, the CGRFA and the CBD

Christine Fuell
Programme Entity Leader - Rotterdam Convention Secretariat

Alison Hodder
Programme Entity Leader - Technical support and policy options for improving health, income and livelihoods of producers and consumers

Annie Monard
Programme Entity Leader - EMPRES Plants – Control of Locusts and Other Transboundary Plant Pests

AGP webmaster
+3906 57055085

Fax of the Plant Production and Protection Division
+3906 570 53057