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  • September 2021: New release of AGROVOC Thesaurus

    The September 2021 version of the AGROVOC thesaurus has been released. It now contains 39 276 concepts and 870 000 terms, in up to 40 languages. The AGROVOC team thanks all of the AGROVOC editors who have contributed to the addition of concepts, terms and other content. Learn more about the AGROVOC editors here.

  • New editorial community page launched with institutional profiles

    AGROVOC has recently launched its new editorial community page, following the Fourth Annual AGROVOC Editorial Community Meeting held on 29 June 2021. This new web page features a map representation of AGROVOC’s global partnership and a search box where in addition partners can be searched by the institutional names and/or acronyms, country, topics and languages curated. So far, 28 institutions and...

  • Overview of AGROVOC statistics: 12 figures to know about AGROVOC

    During recent years, AGROVOC has increased in concepts, terms and languages (see Figure 1 and 2) thanks to the collaboration of the AGROVOC editorial community. While in 2017, AGROVOC had 34 700 concepts and 661 000 terms, by July 2021, AGROVOC contained almost 39 180 concepts and 844 000 terms. In 2021, AGROVOC was available in up to 40 languages, including Arabic, Burmese, Catalan, Chinese...

Evolution of AGROVOC 2017-2020

AGROVOC Spotlight

The webinar describes the evolution of the controlled vocabulary from 2017 to 2020 and dives into the status of AGROVOC activities and achievements. Even more, the AGROVOC team discusses the latest developments in the controlled vocabulary covering all areas of interest of FAO.