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  • FAO cooperates with CGIAR to increase interoperability between food and agricultural information systems

    FAO and CGIAR have established a collaboration to enhance data sharing in the food and agricultural domain through the further use and enhancement of the AGROVOC Thesaurus, a multilingual controlled vocabulary that covers terminology related to FAO’s areas of interest. AGROVOC is a valuable tool to classify data homogeneously, facilitate interoperability and reuse. It can ease the collection...

  • Meet the AGROVOC editorial community

    An interview with Engineer Zuzana Horváthová, Information Officer at the Centre of Information Services and Technologies (CISaT) at Agroinštitút Nitra, and part of the AGROVOC editorial community as an editor of Slovak.

Evolution of AGROVOC 2017-2020

AGROVOC Spotlight

The webinar describes the evolution of the controlled vocabulary from 2017 to 2020 and dives into the status of AGROVOC activities and achievements. Even more, the AGROVOC team discusses the latest developments in the controlled vocabulary covering all areas of interest of FAO. 

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