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Partnership for agricultural water for Africa

Promoting investment in water resources management to unlock Africa’s agriculture potential

We connect governments, donors, international, regional and national organizations and civil society to promote and support investment in agricultural water management in Africa. More

Agricultural water management in Africa

What i s Agricultural Water Management (AWM)?
AgWA uses the definition provided by the CAADP, that understands Agricultural Water Management (AWM) as the continuum from rainfall management through to irrigation for food production [...]

How is AWM included in the CAADP process?
The Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) has four pillars or focus areas for agricultural improvement and investment [...]  

How does AgWA support the CAADP process?
The idea for creating AgWA emerged in part from a collaborative program implemented jointly by AfDB, FAO, IFAD, IWMI and the World Bank in 2007. The partners shared a concern that Africa was under-investing in AWM [...]

Our 5 Priority Areas

Advocacy - Disseminating information on AWM and setting the topic on top of the national /international agenda;

Partner harmonization - Providing a platform for closer collaboration, policy-dialogue and harmonization between partners;

Resource mobilization - Increasing and sustaining the flow of resources towards AWM;

Generating and sharing knowledge - Facilitating knowledge-sharing and understanding of issues related to AWM;

Capacity building - Building the capacity for informed decision making at all levels of AWM.