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АкваКроп (AquaCrop)

АкваКроп-ГИС (AquaCrop-GIS)

AquaCrop-GIS facilitates the use of AquaCrop when a high number of simulations is needed, simplifying the task of generating inputs and project files and the management of output files. AquaCrop-GIS prepares the required inputs and executes AquaCrop, and it presents the results in a geographic information system. Users of AquaCrop-GIS should be familiar with AquaCrop. Aquacrop-GIS will only work with the 32-bit version of Aquacrop Plug-in Version 4.0, which can also be downloaded below.

Скачать АкваКроп-ГИС (AquaCrop-GIS)

Скачать плагин управления программой АкваКроп версии 4.0 (AquaCrop Plug-in programme, Version 4.0)