Zotero public library

The online Zotero group contains a public library with all references to peer-reviewed journal articles and PhD manuscripts on the calibration and application of AquaCrop. Anyone may consult the group library online (even without a Zotero account). The group library allows the sorting of articles by date, journal, title and keywords (such as the crop or location involved in the research). Clicking on an article will show publication information (including abstracts), as well as links to the official websites of journals, where articles can be downloaded (although payment or subscription may be required).

The Zotero group also enables online discussion. The “missing publications” discussion item enables people to post references to journal articles currently missing from the library. By becoming a member of the AquaCrop publications group, users can keep track of new AquaCrop publications added to the library. Register (at the top of the page) to become a member, then log in to join the group.

The public AquaCrop publication library can be consulted online. Moreover, users can add this public group library to their own literature libraries in Zotero using the free Zotero software as a reference manager. New additions to the AquaCrop group library will then automatically appear in users’ own Zotero libraries. More information on the use of the free Zotero reference manager is available at