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Climate Smart Agriculture Sourcebook

Introducing Climate-Smart Agriculture



Coordinating lead author:  Solomon Asfaw (FAO)

Contributing authors: Aslihan Arslan (IFAD), Victoria Chomo (FAO), Rémi Cluset (FAO), Olivier Dubois (FAO), Jean-Marc Faurès (FAO), Ada Ignaciuk (FAO), Patricia Mejias-Moreno (FAO), Alexandre Meybeck (FAO), David Neven (FAO), Hanh Nguyen (FAO), Divine Njie (FAO), Carolyn Opio (FAO), Cassandra Walker (FAO).

Reviewers: Astrid Agostini (FAO), Marwan Ladki (FAO).

Notes: The module is an update of Module 1 Why Climate-Smart Agriculture, forestry and fisheries in the Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook (2013) written by Vincent Gitz (FAO) and Alexandre Meybeck (FAO) with contributions from Reuben Sessa (FAO, Richie Ahuja (EDF-India), Kevern Cochrane (FAO), Anette Engelund Friis (World Farmers Organization), Elwyn Grainger-Jones (IFAD), Hsin Huang (OECD), Chang-Gil Kim (KREI South Korea), Atta-Krah Kwesi (Bioversity International), James Lomax (UNEP), Dr B. Mantlana (South Africa), Hayden Montgomery (New Zealand), Lucia Perugini (University of Perugia) and Dipti Thapa (World Bank), and reviewed by Wilfrid Legg and Shivaji Pandey.