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      Country Leaflet

      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      TCP/MLW/3801 Strengthenning the national food control system in Malawi 2020 2022300,000$
      TCP/MLW/3701 Strengthening animal disease surveillance in Malawi 2019 2021450,000$
      TCP/MLW/3702/C1 TCPF: Support for the Formulation of the Country Programming Framework for Malawi 2019 202060,000$
      TCP/MLW/3703 Emergency support for small-scale farmers affected by floods in the Southern Region of Malawi in 201 2019 2020500,000$
      SymboleTitreDate de débutDate de finBudget total
      OSRO/MLW/902/JPN Strengthening Monitoring and Early Warning Systems for Migratory Pests of Major Food Crops: FAW 2019 2021300,000$
      AAF/MLW/071/EC Afikepo - Nutrition Programme in Malawi 2017 2022435,720$
      UNJP/MLW/071/EC Afikepo - Nutrition Programme in Malawi 2017 202227,247,983$
      GCP /MLW/079/GFF Transforming landscapes and livelihoods: A cross-sector approach to accelerate restoration of Malawi (PPG) 2019 2020200,000$
      GCP /MLW/072/EC KULIMA - Revitalising Agricultural Clusters and Ulimi wa Mdandanda through FFS in Malawi 2017 202231,311,210$
      GCP /MLW/053/LDF Building climate change resilience in the fisheries sector in Malawi (FSP) 2017 20215,460,000$
      GCP /MLW/074/NOR Policy Support for Improved Food Security and Livelihoods in Malawi 2017 2020750,000$
      GCP /MLW/052/GFF Pesticide Risk Reduction in Malawi (FSP) 2015 20212,550,000$
      GCP /MLW/067/EC Strengthening Community Resilience to Climate Change in Blantyre, Zomba, Neno and Phalombe Districts 2015 20206,157,433$
      GDCP/MLW/077/FLA Land Use Planning And Sustainable Land And Water Management For Improved Agricultural Productivity 2019 20235,000,000$
      GDCP/MLW/002/FLA Marketing Capacity Building Project for Smallholder Farmers in Mzimba and Kasungu Districts 2015 20204,977,876$
      UNJP/MLW/078/UNJ Promotion of secure land rights for women and other vulnerable groups 2019 2020142,000$
      UNJP/MLW/076/UNJ Promoting Sustainable Partnerships for Empowered Resilience (PROSPER) 2018 20239,098,648$