Country Leaflet

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TCP/GHA/3704/C1 Support to the Implementation of the Investment for Food and Jobs 2020 202150,000$
TCP/GHA/3701 Support to the promotion of conservation agriculture and integrated pest management for sustained soil fertility and productivity 2019 2021410,000$
TCP/GHA/3702 Support to the Strengthening of Food Control Systems in Ghana 2019 2021300,000$
TCP/GHA/3703 Support to malnutrition reduction in women and vulnerable populations through food-based approaches 2019 2021225,000$
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OSRO/GHA/001/WBK Addressing Food Security and Vulnerability information gap and assessing impact of COVID in Ghana 2020 2021300,000$
ADMA/GHA/014/IFA Account for Administrative Facility - FAO/IFAD Framework Agreement in Ghana 2018 20221$
UTF /GHA/034/GHA-F Profiling and Characterization of Conservation Agriculture Practices and Adoption in Guinea Savanna, 2019 2020187,425$
GCP /GHA/031/JPN Recovery of environment and livelihoods of smallholder framers affected by illegal mining and improvement of climate resilience and food security through sustainable cocoa production with successional and diversified agroforestry in Ghana 2019 2020800,000$