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      Promoting and Enhancing Sustainable Management of Wetland Resources for better Ecosystem Services and Resilient Livelihoods of Keta and Ada Coastal communities
      To address issues militating against lagoons through a holistic approach with the overall goal of enhancing the management of lagoon resources while promoting livelihood options and resiliency of Keta and Ada Coastal community dwellers.
    • TCP/GHA/3603
      Development of National Agricultural Engineering Policy and Strategy
      A modernised Agricultural structure for a sustained food and raw material security and industrialisation for increased employment opportunities and poverty reduction
    • TCP/GHA/3602/C1
      TCPF: Formulation of the Country Programming Framework (CPF) in Ghana, 2017-2021
      To improve the effectiveness and impact of the organization?s work in the country and focus on FAO comparative advantage to ensure that FAO?s programmes are coherent with national and corporate priorities. Overall, the CPF will provide a framework for continued technical cooperation between FAO and the Government of Ghana. It will align government policy priorities to FAO?s intervention areas in a synergistic way and also reflect UNDAF and development partner?s plans on agriculture, rural development and food security in the spirit of FAO reform.
    • TCP/GHA/3601
      Support to Sustainable Management of Shea Tree Park Lands and Improvement in Safety of Production of Shea butter in three Communities in the West Gonja District, Northern Region, Ghana
      To address some of the major and less recognized challenges constraining the development of the shea - sector in an integrated manner. In addition to tackling the key problems of low Shea tree densities and productivity and inefficient processing, it aims at linking local producers to markets for high quality, innovative and profitable products. It will engage with partners who can contribute the necessary expertise and resources and will address the lack of capacity in business skills and entrepreneurship by training the Shea butter value chain actors and provide essential business expertise through engagement with the private sector
    • TCP/GHA/3502
      Resilient livelihoods: improving access to DRR/CCA good practices and financial services for risk reduction
      To provide technical and financial assistance to the Government of Ghana on strengthening long-term food security and improving the natural resource base on which food production relies
    • TCP/GHA/3503
      Support for the Safe Disposal of Obsolete Pesticides
      Sustainable increases in soybean production, processing, and marketing to meet domestic demands and contribute to governments efforts to address national food security and improved nutrition and well-being of rural populations in the northern regions of Ghana.
    • TCP/GHA/3506
      Restoration of productive capacities of flood affected agricultural households in Ghana
      Assist 2,200 affected farmers in the Accra Metropolis, Ashaiman and Ga South Municipal. The money will be used to purchase agricultural production inputs and to rehabilitate one irrigation scheme. Part of the funds will also be used to train farmers to build their capacities on resilience to damages related to climate change
    • TCP/GHA/3501
      Promoting Sustainable Increase in Rice Production and Productivity of Small and Medium Scale Farmers through a Public Private Partnership
      To support and provide technical assistance to the Government of Ghana in enhancing the productivity of small to medium scale farmers, processors , commercial farmers and other stakeholders along the rice value chain through a PPP arrangement.