The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)

What we do

The programme of the EuFMD aims to counter the threat of Foot-and-mouth and Similar Transboundary animal Diseases (FAST). The EuFMD works with member nations on their preparedness, with European neighbours to put in place sustainable control programmes, and to support and promote the progressive control of FMD in all regions under the Global FMD Control Strategy of FAO and OIE. Experience over 60 years in progressive control in Europe, refined through application with affected countries in the neighbourhood over the past 10 years, is now assisting the international organizations to reinforce the principles of Progressive Control Pathway (PCP) for FMD across the world.

The Three Pillar Strategy

The EuFMD Work Plan 2019-23 was adopted in April 2019, and continues with the three major strategic objectives or pillars. The programme activities are fully in line with the mandates of the Commission and with the regional coordination under the GF-TADs (Global Framework for Transboundary Animal Diseases).

The Pillar Objectives

  • Pillar I

Improve preparedness for management of FAST disease crises by members, and across Europe as a whole.

  • Pillar II

Reduce risk to members from the FAST disease situation in the European neighbourhood.

  • Pillar III

Sustain and enhance progress in the roll-out of the Global Strategy for control of FMD, and increase security in the supply of effective FMD vaccines.

Towards a risk-based strategic plan

The EuFMD provides training and workshops to assist countries in developing national Risk-Based Strategic Plans (RBSP), which have up to now been delivered to Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania and Libya. There has been a focus on networks and webinars for building capacity from EuFMD member nations and beyond, in numerous topics areas such as Contingency Planning, Modeling, Vaccination, Progressive Control Pathway, Biorisk management, as well as specific webinars for Francophone countries.

The EuFMD provides assistance with simulation exercises in North Africa, the Balkans, and the TransCaucausus regions. The THRACE programme promotes the cooperation and collaboration between Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey for the surveillance and management of FMD and other exotic diseases in the Thrace region.