The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)

Short Term Placements

Short-term placements

As a result of the new four-year Strategy and funding to support preparedness for FAST diseases (FMD and Similar Transboundary Diseases), the  EuFMD has upcoming vacancies in the section supporting EuFMD activities in Europe and its neighbourhood. The STP program aims to provide professional experience in an international organization in risk management, working with a team of over 20 staff in Rome.

What we are looking for

We are looking for highly-motivated individuals with experience and/or training relevant to work with our member nations in national disease control programmes. Experience in emergency preparedness work, and in South-East Europe would be an advantage, for supporting the work delivered in the region, including liaising with the focal points of the countries, organizing and participating in different training activities, simulation exercises or scoping missions. In addition to these main tasks, the STP will have the opportunity to collaborate in other areas of work of EuFMD, according to his/her professional interests and competences, which may include activities under the neighbourhood and global programmes. Relevant post-graduate training relevant to surveillance programmes would be an asset. 

Duration and remuneration

The duration of such STP attachments are normally at least six months (with a maximum of 11 months) and the EuFMD Commission will support living allowances in Rome to a ceiling of €2500 net per month (€2700 with family dependents).

Applications should include:  A curriculum vitae and a cover letter indicating the relevance of the position for their current or future profile.

Background information

The EuFMD work in Europe aims at improving surveillance and emergency preparedness against FMD and similar transboundary animal diseases (”FAST diseases”) not normally present in the region. The STP would be involved in the work programme 2020-21 which includes: 

• Delivery of training to our member nations, and assistance to the MS to cascade training to national staff;

• Development or use of national and regional disease spread models to assist MS to better predict the impact of FAST diseases, and of control measures 

• The implementation of a risk-based surveillance system in South-East Europe, for early detection of FAST diseases ; 

• The development of tools and resources for preparedness (“GET Prepared system”) , and the assessment and improvement of contingency plans, the organization of simulation exercises, and provision of essential diagnostic laboratory needs.

• Activities to better assess and communicate threats of FAST diseases to Europe. 

Email: [email protected], subject line STP-Europe.