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The FAMEWS mobile app is an application for Android v6 or higher smartphones. The app should be used every time a field is scouted and pheromone traps are checked for FAW. The app has three sections:

    1. Start survey - to collect, record and transmit data

       (a) farm and crop data

       (b) scouting data

       (c) trap data

    2. Collected data - for data storage

    3. About - info on FAMEWS and FAW

    Data are entered by making selections from drop-down lists. Each item has a useful explanation that, in some cases, includes photos for example of different pests and natural enemies to help the user enter accurate data. The app is extremely intuitive, easy and fast to use. It is currently available in 13 languages and can include further languages upon demand. FAMEWS can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

    In order to ensure  the accurate collection of high quality and reliable data, standardized protocols have been developed as Guidance Notes for scouting and checking pheromone traps.

    FAMEWS is designed to expand with the evolving needs of farmers, analysts and decision-makers. Future updates will focus on making the app more useful and educational for farmers, communities and agriculture extension agents. Nuru (the artificial intelligence app that helps farmers recognise FAW), an advisory system and maps of nearby FAW infestations will be included.