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Plateforme de connaissances sur l'agriculture familiale

  République Démocratique Populaire Lao

Family farming lex

Lao PDR National Agro-Biodiversity Programme and Action Plan II (NABP II 2015-2025).

Lao PDR’s rich agro-biodiversity is not only important for agriculture by helping to maintain ecological services for nutrient recycling, soil moisture retention, pest and disease control and pollination. It also helps to sustain wider ecosystem services for the supply of water, energy, minerals and raw materials...


Zero Cool Storage System

One of the main issues of the commercialization of agriculture is the lack of storage capacity for the farmers’ organizations (FOs) especially those that produce fresh vegetables. Without effective storage system, farmers cannot consolidate their produce and manage demand-supply opportunities properly. That is why oftentimes, there is too much supply...


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