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Plateforme de connaissances sur l'agriculture familiale


Family farming lex

Act to encourage the local production of fresh, local meat and seafood products (RPPL No. 10-37 of 2018).

This Act lays down rules to meet the food supply demands through local production encouraged by incentives and thereby to decrease the import of foreign products. To this end, this Act sets forth provisions on the incentive program for local pork and poultry production, incentive program...


Palau hosts subregional meeting on the FAO Port State Measures Agreement to fight illicit fishing

The Palau capital plays host this week to the first subregional meeting in the pacific on the FAO Agreement on Port State Measures to Prevent, Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing.  The workshop has been jointly organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Tourism and the...


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