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Сеть ПЗСФХ объединяет между собой ключевых действующих лиц страны или региона, помогая им обсуждать темы, представляющие взаимный интерес, что может послужить основой для установления партнерства и взаимодействия между ее участниками.

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Присоединяясь к сети ПЗСФХ, участники обеспечивают своим организациям/ассоциациям/кооперативам возможность быть представленными на международном уровне благодаря Платформе знаний о семейных фермерских хозяйствах. Желающим присоединиться к сети ПЗСФХ необходимо представить указанную ниже информацию.

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Thomas A. Lyson Center for Civic Agriculture and Food Systems

Non-governmental organization
The Lyson Center provides practical, research-based information, tools, programs, and services that lead to productive collaborations between food systems scholars, professionals, and active residents engaged in food systems development work at the community level. We publish the open-access, peer-reviewed Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD, ISSN 2152-0801)...
United States of America

Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development

Non-governmental organization
Biovision was founded in 1998 by Swiss World Food Prize recipient Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren, with the aim of sustainably improving life for people in Africa while conserving the environment as the basis for all life. In the 1980s, the world renowned entomologist Hans Rudolf Herren saved millions of people in...

Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir

OURS is a multi campus multidisciplinary University. This university is known for its teaching, research and extension activities related to mountain ecology. It has well developed teaching, research and extension infrastructure along with competent faculty in place. It has its out reach to every corner of the region through its...

Solidaridad Network

Civil society
In the past 50 years, the work of Solidaridad has closely followed the socio-economic developments in the field of international cooperation. And more often than once, the organization has also stood at the cradle of innovation in promoting and fostering sustainable economic development.
South Africa

Wêndbenedo Femmes et Enfants En difficultés

Non-governmental organization
Appui aux femmes, aux enfants en ville et milieux rural pour un développement durable dans divers champs d'action cité ci-dessous.
Burkina Faso

Association des jeunes entrepreneurs agronomes des hauts bassins

Non-governmental organization
L’Association des Jeunes Entrepreneurs Agronomes des Hauts-Bassins (AJEA/HB) est apolitique, laïc, bénévole, et à but non lucratif. Elle ne fait aucune discrimination de race, d’ethnie, de croyance, d’appartenance politique, de sexe, d’âge de statut sérologique, d’orientation sexuelle et de cas d’invalidité dans l’admission de ses membres ; les prestations de...
Burkina Faso

AgriBio Services

Non-governmental organization
Formation Information. Communication Soutient à l'innovation locale


Farmer Field School
A nature friendly eco farms and gardens , developing as a learning center for biodiversity, nature conservation, organic farming, green energy, and focusing on rural women & community empowerment, food security and sustainability.


Development Agency
Transformeus was established recently to help farmers exploit their lands by securing demand prior to crop raising.

Institute For Sustainable Development and Research

Non-governmental organization
The Institute for Sustainable Development and Research (ISDR) facilitates local and regional initiatives on social, economic, environmental, educational and cultural development through participation in programmes on social and economic development, in cooperation with global civil society organizations, by mobilizing collective and participatory actions towards self-reliance and sustainability. ISDR participates in capacity...

Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum

Farmers' organization
A grassroots registered network membership network of Small Scale Farmers SSFs and part of a similar larger regional network for all Countries of East Central and South African countries, born out of the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development WSSD02 which was held in Johannesburg in August 2002. We...

Triple AAA

Civil society
AAA is a small NGO promoting life in harmony with Nature

Centre d'Actions et de Réalisations Internationales

Non-governmental organization
Le CARI est une association de solidarité internationale qui agit depuis plus de 20 ans dans la lutte contre la désertification. Elle promeut un modèle agricole durable (agroécologie et agriculture familiale) pour répondre à la problématique de dégradation des terres en zones arides. Sans se substituer aux compétences locales elle...

Patagonia El Cobre

Non-governmental organization
Parque natural costero, agricultura familiar y permacultura. Ecoturismo.

Biodiversity and Biosafety Association of Kenya

Civil society
Kenya Biodiversity Coalition (KBioC), now registered as the Biodiversity and Biosafety Association of Kenya (BIBA-K) is an umbrella body representing 68 member organisations whose vision is to ensure the public is aware and alert about issues concerning the environment, agriculture, livestock, food safety and health and biodiversity. BIBA-K carries out...

Centro Regional de Innovación e Investigación para la Sostenibilidad de la Agricultura y los Territorios Rurales

Research center
Centro Ceres promueve la investigación e innovación en la Agricultura y los Territorios Rurales, mediante iniciativas que tienen por objetivo generar conocimientos, abrir espacios de diálogo, crear redes y facilitar procesos de aprendizaje. Lo anterior, pensado en aportar y mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas que habitan la...

Kenya National Farmers' Federation

Farmers' organization
Representing, articulating, promoting and protecting the interests of all the farmers of Kenya through research, lobby, advocacy, policy action and capacity building.

The Network of National Coordination Committee of the International Year of Family Farming Plus 10 The Gambia

Civil society
The network of NCC-IYFF +10 The Gambia is a platform for policy dialogue established in 2013 officially recognized by The Gambia Government has a Network in 2016. It has a variety of membership includ following representatives from The private sector, University Of The Gambia, Farmers organizations, Youth organisations, Women organization,...

Forum des Organisations de Producteurs Agricoles du Burundi

Farmers' organization
Le Forum des Organisations de Producteurs Agricoles du Burundi "FOPABU" est une plateforme burundaise composée par 15 faîtières/Organisations de Producteurs Agricoles (OP) reparties dans tout le pays . Ce Forum a été créé en 2009 et agréé le 29 octobre 2012 par l’Ordonnance Ministérielle Numéro 530/1757. Avec la nouvelle Loi...

Eastern and Southern Africa Small-scale Farmers' Forum (ESAFF) Uganda

Farmers' organization
Eastern and Southern Africa Small-scale Farmers’ Forum (ESAFF) was formed in 2002 during the World Summit on Sustainable Agriculture which was being held in Johannesburg, South Africa by small-scale farmers. The main aim was to make small-scale farmers, pastoralists and fisher folk, who are central to sustainable natural resource management...
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