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ECOWAP: A Fragmented Policy

Development partners and regional institutions should address leadership and coordination issues in order to build a common agricultural policy for West Africa
Ten years after the Economic Community of West African States launched its policy on food and agriculture, coordination remains a serious challenge. Several regional initiatives compete with each other at the political and the project levels, in a complex and fragmented institutional context. This paper is one of a series published...
Benin - Burkina Faso - Cabo Verde - Côte d'Ivoire - Gambia - Ghana - Guinea - Guinea-Bissau - Liberia - Niger - Nigeria - Senegal - Sierra Leone - Togo
2015 - Oxfam International

Sustainable Soil Management: Key to food security and nutrition in Africa

This edition of Nature & Faune journal will be a special Issue to mark the International Year of Soils. It is planned to be issued during the Conference of the African Soil Society taking place in Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso from 2nd to 10th December 2015. The special edition of...
Burkina Faso - Cabo Verde - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Gambia - Ghana - Mozambique - Niger - Nigeria - South Africa - United Republic of Tanzania - Zambia - Zimbabwe
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Рабочий документ
Agricultural value chain development in practice

Private sector-led smallholder development
Value chain development is adopted widely as a private sector–led approach to agricultural development that can benefit smallholders. The objective of this research is to understand how development organizations are conceptualizing and developing agricultural value chains in Ghana to include smallholders. The study is based on case studies of five...
2015 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Политический обзор/документ
The Impact of Social Cash Transfer Programmes on Community Dynamics in Sub-Saharan Africa

This One-Pager describes key findings of a four-year research project, From Protection to Production (PtoP), which analysed the impact of social cash transfer programmes in sub-Saharan Africa. The qualitative studies specifically explored impacts on household economic decision-making, the local economy and social networks. They also examined how the design and...
Ethiopia - Ghana - Kenya - Lesotho - Malawi - Zimbabwe
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Nature & Faune Journal: Sustainable Soil Management (Key to Food Security and Nutrition in Africa)

This special issue of Nature & Faune journal, with its exciting variety of papers dealing with issues related to sustainable soil management in Africa is an important contribution towards promoting sustainability on the continent.
Benin - Cabo Verde - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Gambia - Ghana - Mozambique - Nigeria - United Republic of Tanzania
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Политический обзор/документ
A sub-regional strategy for enhancing the participation of the civil society in forestry planning and policy making process in West Africa

This document was prepared collaboratively within the FAORAF West Africa Team with a focus on the forestry sector. It is the product of a series of sub-regional consultations with forest-related civil society organizations in a selected number of countries in West Africa (Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal).
Benin - Ghana - Nigeria - Senegal
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

A Review of Women's Access to Fish in Small-Scale Fisheries

Women play a critical role in every link of the value chain in small-scale fisheries, although their best-known roles are in processing and marketing of fish and other fishery products. This perception of the highly gender-segregated division of labour (men fishing / women processing) has shaped the generalized approach in...
Bangladesh - Cambodia - Ghana - Malawi - Mozambique - Nigeria - Solomon Islands - South Africa - Thailand - Tunisia - Uganda - United Republic of Tanzania
2015 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Газетная статья
Smallholder cocoa farmers access to on/off-farm support services and its contribution to output in the Eastern Region of Ghana

It has been established that smallholder farmers have minimal access to various support services that would have otherwise enabled them to increase their output levels. The focus of this paper is to identify and quantify the impact of various support services on the production levels of cocoa in the Eastern...
2014 - Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development

Youth and agriculture

Key challenges and concrete solutions
This publication provides real life examples on how to re-engage youth in agriculture. It shows how tailor-made educational programmes can provide rural youth with the skills and insights needed to engage in farming and adopt environmentally friendly production methods. Many of the initiatives and approaches reported in this study originate...
Bahamas - Bangladesh - Brazil - Burkina Faso - Cambodia - Canada - China - Colombia - Ethiopia - France - Ghana - Grenada - Kenya - Madagascar - Mexico - Pakistan - Philippines - Republic of Moldova - Rwanda - Togo - Uganda - United States of America - Zambia

Рабочий документ
Medium and large-scale farmers and agricultural mechanization in Ghana

Survey results
Successful commercialization of farming enterprises and farmer entrepreneurship are thought to embody the key features of structural transformation and provide a pathway out of poverty and subsistence agriculture for the rural farm households. The past decade has seen several African countries increase their agricultural growth, largely driven by increases in...
2014 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Family Farming website

The website about family farmers and their farms, begun in 2014 to show the diversity of family farmers ‘Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth‘ by a collection of first hand experiences (snapshots) as an educational resource for anywhere in the world. The concept of this comes from the  International...
Afghanistan - Albania - Algeria - American Samoa - Andorra - Angola - Anguilla - Antarctica - Antigua and Barbuda - Argentina - Armenia - Aruba - Australia - Austria - Azerbaijan - Bahamas - Bahrain - Bangladesh - Barbados - Belarus - Belgium - Belize - Benin - Bermuda - Bhutan - Bolivia (Plurinational State of) - Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Botswana - Bouvet Island - Brazil - British Virgin Islands - Brunei Darussalam - Bulgaria - Burkina Faso - Burundi - Cabo Verde - Cambodia - Cameroon - Canada - Cayman Islands - Central African Republic - Chad - Channel Islands - Chile - China - China, Hong Kong SAR - China, Macao SAR - Christmas Island - Cocos (Keeling) Islands - Colombia - Comoros - Congo - Cook Islands - Costa Rica - Croatia - Cuba - Curaçao - Cyprus - Czechia - Côte d'Ivoire - Democratic People's Republic of Korea - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Denmark - Djibouti - Dominica - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Egypt - El Salvador - Equatorial Guinea - Eritrea - Estonia - Ethiopia - Faroe Islands - Fiji - Finland - France - French Guyana - French Polynesia - French Southern and Antarctic Territories - Gabon - Gambia - Georgia - Germany - Ghana - Gibraltar - Greece - Greenland - Grenada - Guadeloupe - Guam - Guatemala - Guernsey - Guinea - Guinea-Bissau - Guyana - Haiti - Heard and McDonald Islands - Holy See
2014 - Family farms.enviroed4all

Газетная статья
Perceptions of drought among rural farmers in the Savelugu district in the northern Savannah of Ghana

Drought is one of the most constraining climate extremes to livelihoods particularly in dryland environments. Effective adaptation to drought is partly dependent on farmers’ perceptions and how these are harmonised with scientific knowledge systems into local adaptation policies and strategies. This paper examined the perceptions of drought among farmers in...
2014 - University of Ghana

Информационный бюллетень
Dimitra Newsletter: South-South Cooperation and family farming

This edition opens with a report of the last session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), which has helped to ensure that gender equality and women’s empowerment feature prominently in the post- 2015 Development Agenda. This will take over from the Millennium Development Goals, whose 2015 deadline...
Burundi - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Ghana - Niger
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Тематическое исследование
Food fairs revive local food and nutrition

Food fairs are an important tool and space to promote food sovereignty as they take place in local public spaces and within people’s own socio-cultural settings. One excellent example was a food fair in Ghana, organised by the Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organisational Development (CIKOD). Women farmers exhibited traditional...
2014 - ILEIA, Center for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture

Информационный бюллетень
Dimitra newsletter: gender, rural women and development

This edition opens with a report of the last session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), which has helped to ensure that gender equality and women’s empowerment feature prominently in the post-2015 Development Agenda. This will take over from the Millennium Development Goals, whose 2015 deadline is now close. Today, the post-2015 Development Agenda...
Burundi - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Ghana - Niger - Senegal

Информационный бюллетень
Dimitra Newsletter: Poverty reduction in rural areas

This issue highlights experiences of development approaches that are helping in the fight against poverty in rural areas. Reducing rural poverty is one of FAO’s strategic objectives for the coming years, to which the Dimitra project is making a special contribution. Innovative methodologies have been developed which seek to place...
Burundi - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Ghana - Kenya - Niger - Senegal
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Cocoa in West Africa – Short Documentary

This mini documentary looks at the threat of pests and diseases to cocoa farmers in Ghana and shows how they are dealing with the challenge.
2014 - CropLife International

The family business: Is there a future for small farms?

The United Nations declared 2014 the International Year of Family Farming. Although many forms of production were once family-based, agriculture is now one of the few that are still dominated by families. Because family farms are so prevalent, making them more productive could help combat poverty and hunger in many...
Ethiopia - Ghana - India - Kenya - Mexico
2014 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Рабочий документ
Economics of Tractor Ownership under Rainfed Agriculture with Applications in Ghana

This paper assesses whether tractor investment is a rational and profitable decision for farmers using firm investment theory and tractor owner survey data collected in 2013. Under erratic rainfalls, timeliness of farming operations is critical for farmers. Based on the hypothesis that owning a tractor and hiring tractor services are...
2014 - International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Газетная статья
Implications of sustainable agricultural intensification for family farming in Africa

Anthropological perspectives
In this paper, we will explore the ways in which sustainable intensification interventions often overlook fundamental social dynamics in rural landscapes. We provide evidence of the underlying social, political and environmental contexts that affect farmers’ land-use decisions. While there are numerous initiatives to promote a Green Revolution for Africa, many...
Ethiopia - Ghana - United Republic of Tanzania
2014 - International Center for Tropical Agriculture
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