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The Online Commenting System (OCS)

The Online Commenting System (OCS) is a system for defined stakeholders to insert, share, and submit comments on documents; for secretariats to compile comments in an easy and efficient manner (“with the click of a button”) and to provide data for analysis.


Codex OCS Team

Its mission is to provide a simple, efficient, user-friendly online system to insert, share, submit and compile comments on documents.

Through the OCS, Codex Contact Points can submit comments on draft documents, with the support of the following optional users: OCS Deputy (having the same role and functions as the Contact Point, without being able to publish comments); Reviewers (up to three per country, designated by the Contact Point or OCS Deputy to provide comments on the draft document).

Codex Observers wishing to provide comments on draft documents will be provided with a user license based on their availability.