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CAC38 Final Report published


The English language version of the Final Report of the 38th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission has been published on the Codex website.

The other language versions will be available shortly.

Summary of the 38th Session

The Commission:

  1. Adopted new and revised food quality and safety standards and related texts for application by Governments and inclusion in the Procedural Manual of the Codex Alimentarius Commission.
  2. Agreed to hold the draft MRLs for rbSTs at Step 8 to provide further time to facilitate a possible consensus.
  3. Approved items for new work, including priority lists of veterinary drugs and pesticides for evaluation or re-evaluation by JECFA and JMPR, respectively.
  4. Approved proposals for discontinuation of work and proposals for revocation of existing standards and related texts.
  5. Agreed to the timeline for scoping Phase 1 (Secretariat-led internal) review of the Codex work management and functioning of the Executive Committee, which should be transparent and inclusive and with strong engagement of the Codex Members. 
  6. Endorsed the recommendations of CCEXEC70 regarding the revitalisation of FAO/WHO Coordinating Committees.
  7. Noted the Codex budget reports for the 2014-2015 and 2016-2017 biennia and asked to ensure that the Codex budget continue to be protected within FAO. Encouraged the Codex Secretariat to adopt a more effective and realistic process when developing the budget. Expressed appreciation for the contributions of host governments and governments seconding staff to the Codex Secretariat.
  8. Expressed appreciation to FAO and WHO for the scientific support provided. Supported the option that scientific advice to Codex be funded by the regular programmes of FAO and WHO as the most feasible (long-term) option to securing addressing the chronic shortage of funds for scientific advice and encouraged Codex Members to take necessary action to ensure appropriate finding of scientific support to Codex in the short, medium and long term.
  9. Expressed its appreciation to FAO/WHO and the CTF Secretariat for the effective management of CTF1, and acknowledged the important financial and in-kind contributions made by the CTF1 donors. Expressed full support for CTF2 and agreed with the design of the project proposal including the concepts of the multi-year funding and tailor-made support, noting that the eligibility criteria for CTF2 were yet to be finalised.
  10. Re-elected as Chairperson Mrs Awilo Ochieng Pernet (Switzerland), and as Vice-Chairpersons: Mr Guilherme Antonio da Costa Jr. (Brazil), Ms Yayoi Tsujiyama (Japan) and Mr Mahamadou Sako (Mali); elected the seven Members of the Executive Committee elected on a geographical basis, i.e. Nigeria, Malaysia, Norway, Mexico, Lebanon, Canada (re-elected) and New Zealand (re-elected) and appointed the six regional coordinators, i.e. Kenya, India, the Netherlands (re-appointed), Chile, Iran and Vanuatu.
  11. Reactivated the Committee on Cereal, Pulses and Legumes, hosted by the United States, to start new work on a standard for quinoa.
  12. Agreed to consider at the next Session several agenda items that could not be discussed at the present session due to lack of time.


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