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Farmer Market School Master Training in Lusaka, Zambia

10/06/2019 21/06/2019

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) took the recommendation from the pilot project evaluation in Malawi and Zimbabwe up and held the first Farmer Market School (FMS) master training courses in Addis Ababa from January 28th to 8th February 2019. It was an intern course with a total of 10 full days of training. The training was very successful.

The second Farmer Market School Master training in Lusaka, Zambia will take place from 10th June to the 21st June 2019 at The Nomad’s Court in Lusaka, which also offers accommodation and breakfast and lunch (but not dinner) for participants coming from other countries or other Regions of Zambia. (Arrival should be 8th June and departure 22nd June)

ADRA will pay for the core cost of this second FMS Master training, but participants will have to pay for their own travel to Lusaka and their accommodation and meals during the training. The price for this two-week intern course will be USD 720. For participants, who will not stay at the training venue, the price will be in the range of USD 200 (or Kwacha 2600) per person. The maximum number of trainees will be 25.

The trainees, who participate in the FMS Master training must have some experience with facilitation and adult learning, FFS/PFS or other agriculture/livestock extension approaches, and they must have some insight into, how markets work, ideally having been involved with FMS already. Their education level should be agricultural college, university level. Good English written and spoken skills, fluency in local language from their country/Region of work – also written and spoken. General computer skills, including Excel.

It is a theoretical and practical course for practitioners, which are graduating as fully-fledged FMS facilitators. It is not tailored for planners, managers or decision-makers, although their appreciation of FMS is important as well. But that will be done by other means than a two-week intensive training course.


If you wish to register to the Master Training course please contact:

ADRA Denmark: Christian Sørensen, Program Advisor, chrsor@adra.dk

ADRA Africa (in Nairobi): Dr. Zivayi Nengomasha, Director Programs & Planning zivayi@adra-afro.org