Mecanismo flexible multiasociados (FMM)

Rural poverty reduction through job creation in small ruminant value chains in Ethiopian Highlands


• To experiment with a new integrated approach to livestock sector development that improves livestock productivity and farmer livelihoods and ensures that decent
employment opportunities are generated upstream and downstream along the value

Major results

• Established a Highland Smallholder Farmer Livestock Discussion Forum/technical working group and facilitated preparatory meetings for its establishment.
• Assessed the market for sheep and goats (meat, live animals) starting from four selected woredas of Ethiopia highlands.
• Assessed sheep and goat production systems in Ethiopia highlands.
ff Mapped past and ongoing relevant programmes for small ruminant value chain development in Ethiopia highlands.
• Identified three value chain case studies (i) one local value chain, targeting the
local meat markets; (ii) one national value chain, which targets urban markets;
(iii) one export-oriented value chain, which targets live animals for export.
• Designed, tested and administered questionnaire and analysed data collected.
• Simulated the impact of interventions undertaken at production level on the level
of employment along the value chain, including on-farm and off-farm employment.
• Conducted workshop to validate findings, identify policy gaps and identify capacity
needs to foster rural employment creation opportunities.
• Developed capacity for women and youth groups in four selected woredas.

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