Mecanismo flexible multiasociados (FMM)

Governance innovation for sustainable development of food systems


To support more coherent and effective cross-sectoral programming and planning for sustainable development and transformation of food systems.

Status of the subprogramme
On going

Major results

The project document for the programme was successfully formulated, including the identification of recipient countries and
beneficiaries. The subprogramme became operationally active in March 2020 and a project task force was also established.

Due to COVID-19, challenges faced are:

  • A delay in the overall delivery of the sub-programme by the expected NTE is not foreseen.
  • Travel and movement restrictions.
  • Delay in foreseen recruitment of field staff expected to support implementation of the sub-programme.

Mitigation of the challenges:

  • Remote undertaking of inception work related to scoping analysis and collection of information and data related to existing situation and ongoing initiatives at country level.
  • Strong support from country and regional offices, and in close coordination with the HQ and regional COVID-19 task forces.

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