Mécanisme multidonateurs flexible (FMM)

Productive investments to create decent rural youth employment in migration-prone areas in Senegal


To promote investments in agriculture and rural development in migration-prone areas, in order to address rural out-migration in Senegal and harness the potential of migration for rural development.

Major results

•   Analysed migration dynamics in the context of rural transformation processes in sub- Saharan Africa and a case-study of migration dynamics in rural Senegal.
•  Analysed potential of the rural economy to generate decent employment opportunities for young people in migration-prone areas, with a focus on Senegal.
•   Analysed impact of domestic and international remittances, including diaspora funds, on productive investments in rural farm and non-farm activities and on employment dynamics and labour allocation in Senegal.
•   Carried out livelihood profiling of beneficiaries of the Programme National in migration-prone areas, and rural households receiving remittances to increase productive investments in rural farm and non-farm activities and foster
•   Raised awareness and increased capacities of key stakeholders on how to foster productive investments to create decent farm and non-farm jobs for rural youth in migration-prone areas in Senegal.
•   Organized stakeholder consultations and developed a road map to support innovative financing mechanisms.
•   Mobilized diaspora funds, remittances and cash transfers to increase productive investments in rural farm and non-farm activities.